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Application of Radiative Silicone Film Thermal Material in Power Supply

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Heat dissipating silicone film thermal conductivity materials used in power products, from the well known, most of the electronic products are integrated circuits, products at run time, integrated circuits and other electronic components will produce a lot of heat, so that the product The temperature continues to increase,
The temperature reaches a certain value after the operation will appear unstable or even burn the impact, so the field between the components and integrated circuits we will use between the cooling parts (thermal silicone film, thermal grease) and other thermal materials, in order to Take care product temperature is normal!
Cooling method can be divided into passive and active cooling:
Active cooling: through the external force to promote fluid circulation, things go heat.
Passive heat dissipation: the use of physical thermal expansion and contraction principle, the natural circulation of fluid or the use of specific heat capacity of solid fluid to absorb heat to achieve the purpose of cooling

Silicone heat sink heat conduction material how to use:

Temperature diagram:
Power supply temperature control standard: at ambient temperature test full load running surface temperature does not exceed 50 ° C; 60 ° C oven temperature full load 72 hours without damage to the original electronic equipment; power products and power consumption inversely proportional to temperature

Application Scenario 1:
The main fever chip power and thermal conductivity materials used thermal silica film
Heat source power: 1.5W-3W
Use of materials: thermal silicone film
Thermal conductivity: 0.8-1.2W / m.k
Use: fill the gap between the diode and the aluminum radiator, the heat of the MOS tube to the aluminum radiator

Application Scenario 2:
Use of materials: thermal silicone film
Thermal conductivity: 0。8w / m。k
Thickness: 0.5-4MM
Use: fill the aluminum plate radiator and the tolerance gap between the shell, the aluminum heat sink on the heat conduction to the shell, through the shell cooling

Application Scenario 3:
Applied materials: with glass fiber cloth thermal conductivity of silicone heaters thermal materials
Thermal conductivity: 1。0W / m。k
Thickness: 0.5-4.0mm
Use: attached to the back of the electronic back of the electronic pin, the original electronic heat to the shell to heat and cover the pin surface to prevent leakage, the shell was pierced, to protect the original electronic function

Application Scenario 4:
Use of materials: thermal conductivity potting material
Thermal conductivity: 0.8w / m.k
Use: the overall package for the original power supply, generally used for waterproof power, outdoor harsh environment power products; can be efficient to the internal heat conduction to the shell, and play the role of waterproof insulation

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