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Thermal test material (silicone film, thermal grease, thermal ceramic) qualified test standard analysis

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On the thermal conductivity of materials (thermal silicone film, thermal grease, thermal double-sided adhesive) and other test standards and methods, for many people are a little knowledge, the Tengda Technology Co., Ltd. wrote this article for everyone to popularize.
First, why use thermal materials (thermal grease, thermal silicone film, thermal ceramic)
The main reason is to improve the heat production efficiency of heat-producing products, to reduce the impact of high temperature rise
1. Life is reduced: long-term use of heat products do not attach importance to the problem of heat will make the product parts temperature continues to rise so that the product life is reduced, the temperature rise of 50 degrees Celsius life only temperature rise of 25 degrees Celsius
2. Reliability reduction: every 2 degrees Celsius, the reliability of the use of products decreased by 10%
3. Processing speed is reduced, signal delay
4. Idle power dissipation increases

TWO。 Thermal properties (silicone film, thermal grease, thermal ceramic) need to test the key characteristics
2。 hardness
Tear strength
4. Tensile strength
5. Breakdown voltage
6. Dielectric constant
7。 Volume resistivity
8. Thermal conductivity and resistance

How to measure the thickness:
Need to use the measuring instruments: Thickness ruler, caliper
Test reference standard: ASTM D374
Test focus: because of the softness of the silicone film itself, where the human factors in the measurement of the key play a role, we are generally by the caliper operation is very skilled testing workers to test, when the test can not be too large, Otherwise it will cause compression, it is here to remind the thermal designer: the design of the choice of thermal conductivity material should be more than the size of the structure of the gap at least 20% -30%

2. Hardness measurement method
Test equipment: hardness
Test standard: ASTM D2240
The main content: different companies to test the standards used are not the same, due to thermal conductivity materials (Zhiwei silicone film) softness, recommended the use of C-type hardness. In the test when the thickness of the sample requirements generally require 6MM

3。 Tear strength measurement method
Test equipment: material testing machine
Test standard: ASTM D412
The test points: according to the requirements of the material to form a standard sample, universal testing machine through the data cable connected to the computer, according to the stroke and strength changes, the computer will calculate the product crack strength and numerical form of the test results

4. Breakdown voltage measurement method
Test equipment: pressure tester
Test reference standard: ASTM D149
Tensile strength of the test and tear is more similar to the same use of universal testing machine test, the difference is that the shape of the sample has special requirements (such as the left). The computer will command the test machine to cut off the material until the calculation of tensile strength

5。 Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity refers to the heat transfer conditions, 1m thick material, the temperature difference between the two sides of the surface is 1 ℃, in 1 second, through 1 square meter area of heat transfer, with λ, the unit is watts / (m Degree), w / (m · k)
Thermal conductivity and quality, is the nature of the material itself, not subject to external factors.
Test method for thermal conductivity (1)
Test equipment: thermal conductivity tester
Test Reference Standard: ASTM D5470
Vacuum test can effectively remove the impact of air on the test. The standard thickness and pressure of the test sample are all issues to be noted in the test.

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