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Advantages and Disadvantages of Common Thermal Conductivity Materials and Their Application Environment

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Thermal silicone film:
Advantages: can be a good filling between the heat device and the radiator gap, you can adjust the thickness of a large, make up the tolerance performance, good insulation, compression is relatively large, there is a certain shock absorption, Has a small viscosity, operability is very strong, relatively long service life
Disadvantages: 0。5MM following the production process is complex, the cost is relatively high
Application environment: heating parts and heat sink between the larger gap between the heat components and the heat between the shell

Thermal Grease:
Advantages: the product into a semi-liquid state, the thermal conductivity is relatively high, you can apply a very thin, can fill a good gap so that the heat device and heat sink contact better, the thermal resistance is relatively small, and the cost of In the silicone film is relatively low
Disadvantages: smear the thickness can not be too thick, or will greatly reduce the thermal conductivity, the general thickness can not be less than 0.2MM, does not apply to a large area of smear, the operation is not very convenient, long time after use at high temperatures easy to aging, Thermal resistance, there is a certain degree of volatility.
Application environment: between the high-power heating element and the radiator, cooling parts need to have their own fixed device

Thermal double-sided adhesive:
Advantages: the thickness is very low, generally below 0.3MM, a strong sticky, can be used to fix a small radiator.
Disadvantages: thickness can not be too thick, if the product has a certain gap in the case can not be used, can not be reused, thermal conductivity is very low。
Application Scenario: Power is not high between the heat and small heat sink, commonly used to fix the use of radiator

Phase change material:
Advantages: at room temperature, into a sheet, the thickness is very thin, operable is very strong, to a certain temperature will occur into a semi-liquid loaded, strong filling, phase change process has an instant heat absorption capacity.
Disadvantages: poor storage and transportation, the cost is relatively high.
Application environment: generally used in the heat module on more

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