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What are the classification of heat dissipation materials for electronic applications?

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Thermal conductivity of heat dissipation materials are generally divided into: thermal silica gel pads, ceramic heat sink, thermal graphite, phase change materials, silicone cloth, etc。
Thermal insulation silicone pad: the substrate is silica gel, by adding a variety of accessories and metal oxide synthesis of a thermal conductivity material, also known as thermal silica film, soft thermal pad, etc。, to fill the gap
Heat-conductive double-sided adhesive: by the acrylic adhesive substrate by adding hot-filled powder and organic silicone composite made into the thermal insulation of the line
Ceramic heat sink: the biggest feature of this material is high thermal conductivity, high insulation, the general high-power equipment will use this thermal material
Thermal conductivity of silicone cloth: the material of the substrate for the glass, it was also called thermal silica gel, anti-tear silicone cloth, this material insulation than good, the disadvantage is relatively low thermal conductivity
Thermal graphite sheet: This material is a new type of material, the material performance is high, you can heat in both directions at the same time, so the heat dissipation ratio is uniform
Phase change material: phase change material is generally used for liquid crystal display and other electronic equipment, product heat because of mobility, so fill the gap performance is better, is a relatively high cost of a thermal material
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