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The use of energy-saving high-power LED thermal silica films, thermal grease, thermal conductivity of silicon film cooling structure and principle analysis

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Because the core parts of LED lamps is PN junction (by doping process, different by diffusion, the P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor fabricated on the same semiconductor substrate, in their interface on the formation of space charge region called the PN junction) and in the light of PN junction and epoxy resin / silica gel absorption within tablets the conversion of heat, the heat is generated huge side effect to the lamps, will make more and more high temperature LED lamp brightness, more and more low, life is more and more short, so a good heat is LED lamps keep constant light and prolong life guarantee。

Next, the high-power LED packaging structure is introduced:
Because everyone on the LED source of the increasingly high demand, in addition to the LED light rate, color has different requirements, but also have different requirements on the luminous intensity, in order to meet customer demand, in order to improve the packaging process, so the chip manufacturer of packaging factory is also put forward higher requirements。 Design a package structure can meet the customer needs, so as to improve the utilization rate of the external light LED。
Different application areas put forward higher requirements for LED light source, in addition to the LED light efficiency, light and color have different requirements, but also the light angle and light intensity distribution have different requirements. This requires not only the upstream chip factory development of new semiconductor materials, improve the chip manufacturing process, designed to meet the requirements of the chip, but also put forward higher requirements on the downstream packaging factory, designed to meet the packaging structure of certain intensity distribution, improve the utilization rate of the external light LED.
The existing cooling technology is composed of the following parts: heat conduction aluminum, silicon film or thermal grease, heat conducting ceramic, silicon on insulator film LED light component, electrode, LED base, LED junction
The heat conductive silica gel process is: first heat from LED PN through LED to base solder paste welding layer and copper layer through the insulating layer to the radiating aluminum to silicon film thermal conductivity or thermal grease, then the heat conduction to the heat radiating plate, so that the entire heat dissipation of the link is complete.

In general, the thermal conductivity of the LED lamp base is about 80W/m.k; the coefficient of thermal conductivity of copper layer is 400W/m.k, aluminum for about Iw/m.k, the thermal conductivity of LED lamp conductive silicone gasket or thermal grease is generally 0.8~5.0W/m.k, PN junction closer to the LED, the heat flux is higher, so, and the heat silicone sheet / thermal grease has aluminum cross conduction temperature, heat insulation layer density high heat flux thermal grease, it can be seen that the heat insulating layer is the most difficult of the plate.
Since the most difficult heat insulation layer of aluminum plate, then remove the copper layer and the insulating layer hole, so that it can be exposed to the aluminum substrate, and then depositing zinc on bare aluminum, zinc and nickel on the surface, then the copper plating on nickel, then on copper or tin spraying deposition gold, so after processing, coating adhesion, good thermal conductivity, after plating process after the LED welding to aluminum plate. After welding, the heat generated by the LED PN junction after LED base to solder paste welding to aluminum block will heat to the radiating aluminum and then emitted to air through the LED lamp heat conducting silicone gasket or thermal grease. Because the thermal conductivity of the insulating layer removal is very small, the cooling effect is enhanced greatly, the temperature of the base LED will be decreased, thereby prolonging the service life and the stability of LED lamps,
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