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The use of thermal grease to correct computer cooling

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Use the computer when the fever has been a big problem to everyone, we always try various ways to reduce the operating temperature of the computer, so that the thermal management is a very important link of maintenance, to understand the thermal grease is one of the correct application of computer cooling.

Thermal grease 1. correct selection
Most of the thermal grease compounds containing silicone and Zinc Oxide, then your point of the heat conductor compounds containing excellent, such as silver or ceramic powder. The advantages of silver or ceramic powder of thermal grease, you will have a more effective heat transfer. But in fact, the basic thermal grease will be sufficient to meet the needs of most people.
If you are in overclocking your computer program, try to get the heat transfer cream made from the main silver, copper and gold. These are the most beneficial to the thermal grease can be made of metal

2. clean the surfaces of the fins and the CPU
Dip the swab or cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe off the dirt. The ratio of alcohol to alcohol is higher. 70% is good, but 90% is better.

3. sand radiators and if necessary processor surfaces are available
Ideally, the two contact surfaces will be completely flat, which will completely eliminate the need for heat transfer creams. If your radiator base is rough, you can damp it down and polish it to make it smoother. This is not always necessary unless your goal is the final cooling performance.-导热硅脂
Thermal grease fill gaps and defects on the surface to be added. Because the modern production technology can not make the surface free of defects, thermal conductivity of silica gel will always be necessary.

4. on the base of the radiator thermal grease Center
The paste should be smaller than the BB or the rice kernel。 If you know this should be a pea size, that is, too much paste, and you'll end up pasting it onto the motherboard。
There is no need to spread the grease circulation cooler, due to pressure will spread it evenly on the surface of it

5. add additional external heat to the processor
Instead of installing the radiator with pressure from all sides, the beads that you put on the surface will spread over the entire contact surface. This creates a thin, even layer, which will fill the vacancy and avoid excessive accumulation.
As applied by heat, the slurry will become thinner and diffuses more toward the edge. That's why using a small amount of paste is very important because a little bit of walking a long way to go

6. do not remove the radiator after installation
It can be difficult to check if your radiator has been properly applied. If you break the seal created when installing the radiator, you will need to restart the process, first clean the old stick, and then reapply it

7. reconnect the fan to the main board
The wire for the CPU fan should be plugged into the CPU fan socket because it has a PWM function, which allows the computer to automatically adjust fan speed without changing the voltage.

8. fan cooling system
Check fan rotation and press F1 or Del to enter BIOS during POST. Check the temperature is normal, CPU temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius, free time

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