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Thermal silica

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  • LCN Silicone thermal pas without Silicone oil

LCN Silicone thermal pas without Silicone oil

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LCN is a kind of thermal conductive pad which do not contain silicone oil and do not volatilize and apply in optical instrument and those have sensitivity on silicone oil. There is silicone oil exuding from traditional thermal pad after heating,however, LCN absolutely solve the problem of silicone oil leakage.What’s more,the LCN series are especially fitting for filling no flat and high cumulative tolerance interface.

Features & benefits:
● No siloxane, no volatilization,no pollution
● Soft and low hardness material, good for filling
● High thermal conductive,low contact heat resistance
● Electric insulator

Typical applications:
● The products you are afraid of being polluted by silicone oil
● Optical precision equipment
● Laptop and projector
● Mobile and communication equipment,high speed large
storage driver
● Heat pipe assembly,control equipment of car engine
Telecommunication hardware and equipment
● high-end industrial control,and medical electronic area

Physical properties:

Configurations available: 200mm*400mm, 300mm*400mm;customized size available。

order:LCN Silicone thermal pas without Silicone oil

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